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Why is Erick Erickson wrong!?

With 22,819 write in votes in the Moore race, Erick Erickson,  you can feel good about your contribution to a democrat winning Alabama. Telling people to write in or not to vote. Good job Erick. Hope you’ll be feeling that you didn’t violate your conscience when he votes with the dems on abortion, immigration etc. In case you are unaware, politics is a team sport. The dems know it…why dont you? Yet you encourage the GOP to bail! You let a liar manipulate you and in turn you used your position to assist them. You can feel good about yourself and condemn Moore for what he’s accused of 40 yrs ago with no evidence, a forged yearbook, not to mention Gloria Allred‘s reputation. But no, all they had to do was come up with a sleazy story and a little doubt and you were led right along. You could not have helped them more if you were on their team. Actually by your actions you proved whose side you’re on. Judging people is the action of a Pharisee, the ones that Jesus condemned!!  Listening to gossip like an old woman is just not what I thought of you!

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