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The Patriot’s Editorial: Is The ‘Drain The Swamp’ Campaign Working?

Much has been said and written about ‘Making America Great Again’ and ‘Draining The Swamp’! Like many of you, I assumed President Trump’s initiative would be limited to eliminating over-reach regulations, passing new laws and changing mindsets. Little did anyone realize the impact those efforts would have peripherally after just one year. The unforeseen consequences we are beginning to witness are surprising a lot of people.

On a near weekly basis, both House and Senate Congressional members are announcing their intent ‘not’ to run for office at the end of their terms or simply announce their immediate retirement. The #MeToo crowd took its toll on members of Congress in edition to wreaking havoc on Hollywood and the media by exposing various levels of sexual misbehavior. But they weren’t limited to just Washington, DC. All across the country, state and local legislators are being exposed for their perversive behavior. I suspect more of them will be called out in the weeks and months ahead. As they say: “stay tuned”!

Additionally, we are seeing much more subtle departure announcements, but the explanations and reasons given are somewhere between obscure to reasonably plausible. Some simply say they are retiring to return to civilian life, others say they have other pursuits, while others just say they are not going to run for re-election. Nevertheless, members of both parties are bailing out and leaving their post. As I watch this unfold, it is apparent some of the longtime old guard (swampers) are leaving jobs they turned into decades long political careers. They are draining the swamp themselves!

No one can predict the future and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to ‘Draining The Swamp’ and the affects it will have. I seriously doubt even President Trump saw this coming. I continue to ask myself why those longstanding members of Congress have decided to retire at this point in time, especially when it looked like they would die in their jobs. Is it the pressure to clean up their personal behavior, because they may finally be held to a higher standard by their constituents or they just got tired and are simply quitting. Although a curious conundrum, the fact it is happening can’t be bad for the American people. Just wondering who will be next!


January 14, 2018

Bikers Heading To D.C. To Fill Role In Inauguration Events

Thousands of protesters have made it clear they will be marching and protesting against Trump’s inauguration in Washington, D.C., but another organization is stepping up to counter the protests.  Chris Cox, founder of Bikers For Trump, said in an interview with Fox & Friends Saturday that his organization intends to form a “wall of meat” around Donald Trump’s inauguration, to offer protection to the ceremonies in case the anti-Trump protests get out of hand.  Cox said they have grown from about 100 bikers at their first rally in Virginia in October 2015, to their current membership of around 200,000 nationwide.  Just last week, 20,000 new members joined the group.   Read

January 18, 2017

The February jobless numbers came out today telling us less people are out of work (5.5%). Additionally, they reported payrolls are up by a ‘WHOPPING’ $293K, nationwide. Can we believe these reports? Although I can’t say for sure, after six years of lies, deception and their track record, I seriously doubt their validity!

For months, we have been hearing threats of the Fed raising interest rates. Over the past 3-4 weeks, that rhetoric gained momentum almost to a fever pitch by those in the banking world. So I ask, are we being mentally prepped and set up for a June-July rate increase? The stock market took a major hit based on this mornings news, prompting even more energized talk of an increase. If true, the American people do not deserve this type of manipulation and abuse. Also in question, can our economy absorb and support such an increase and the peripheral side effects of it? Only time will tell!

March 6, 2015

Middle School Student Releases Viral Clip Defending Giuliani and Outlining the Reasons He Believes Obama Has a ‘Downright Hatred’ for America



As debate continues over former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani’s claim that he doesn’t believe President Barack Obama loves America, a 12-year-old kid from Georgia has released a now-viral video passionately defending Giuliani — and outlining the reasons that he believes the president has “downright hatred” for the United States.

C.J. Pearson opened his three minute video with praise for Giuliani before launching into the reasons that he agrees with the ex-mayor’s assessment of Obama’s patriotism, addressing the president directly in his remarks.

“I don’t want to be politically correct. I don’t care about being politically correct at this point,” Pearson proclaims in the clip. “President Obama, you don’t love America.”

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February 24, 2015

Limbaugh: There is no executive order on amnesty

PALM BEACH, Florida – Radio host Rush Limbaugh is now broadcasting the fact that President Obama never personally signed any executive order in connection with his recent move providing amnesty for up to 5 million illegal immigrants.

“Do you know that Obama has not signed any executive action or order for this?” Limbaugh stated on his top-rated national program Tuesday. “Folks, this is even more corrupt than anybody conceived!

“He just wrote a memo instructing Homeland Security not to deport 5 million people. There is no actual executive order.”


December 9, 2014

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