A ‘Patriot’s’ Thoughts: Can We Survive The Push To Socialism?

History tells us that in Germany from 1939 to 1945, 1/3 of the people were killed by 1/3 of the population, while 1/3 silently watched and said nothing. Times change and although people are not dying as they did in World World II Germany, the numbers aren’t much different in today’s America. 1/3 of the people are pushing hard for Socialism, 1/3 are passively watching it happen and saying nothing, while 1/3 are speaking out against it. How secure is the future of our Constitutional Republic? Can it survive or will this be its final test? Read More »

January 20, 2020

A ‘Patriot’s’ Thoughts: At What Cost? The Preservation of the Second Amendment!

Virginia’s Governor Northam is a true anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment advocate and has set out on a personal quest to remove some or all guns from the citizens of the state of Virginia.  At what cost?  That’s what I would like to take the next couple of minutes to examine.

The people of Virginia voted him into office and over the past few years voted in many more Democrats like him.  In fact, the Democrats now control all aspects of Virginia government.  So it would be reasonable to say, the citizens brought this on themselves, but it isn’t quite that cut and dry.  Those living in the very heavily populated areas of northern Virginia generally work in the DC area and commute back and forth each day.  In recent years, they have voted for Democrats. Those in the less populated south and west are primarily Republicans and vote for the GOP.  Voting the state is now and for the most part, controlled by the Democrats. It is reasonable to say, not all Virginians share Governor Northam’s political values or goals. Read More »

January 19, 2020

‘Unplanned’, the Movie

I saw the movie “Unplanned” on Friday afternoon, April 5th. I wanted to know the woman’s story and to understand what was going on within the abortion industry and why the pro-abortion crowd was so upset with the movie. I now have a much clearer understanding!  As you may surmise, I am a staunch pro-life, anti-abortion supporter. This movie, produced by a Christian production (film) company, told the true life story of a woman (Abby Johnson) who had an abortion and her struggles while working at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Texas. The abortion rights activists and Hollywood critics said this movie was gory and showed fetus (fetal) body parts, ‘untrue’. In fact, except for three scenes where there was some blood, it wasn’t graphic at all. In my opinion, it didn’t deserve an ‘R’ rating or being ‘black-balled’ by Hollywood or the media (refused to allow promotional advertisement of the movie on their network stations), although I realize their underlying motivation (and you will, also). It is extremely unlikely a Christian production company would ever produce a movie remotely close to an ‘R’ rating. If you want a clearer understanding, it’s a must watch movie.  

April 8, 2019

The National Football Championship Disaster

This year’s National Championship game should have been one of the best ever, but the NCAA, in its infinite wisdom, all but guaranteed that wouldn’t be the case. For the first time ever, they moved the championship game to an outdoor stadium on the west coast, Santa Clara, CA (just outside of San Francisco) to be precise. This is the stadium the 49ers play in and is truly hated by NFL players because the drainage and turf on the field are the absolute worse in the NFL when it gets wet. Well guess what, it will begin raining there today through game time Monday and beyond. Temperatures will be in the mid-50s at game time and the field will be a soggy, sloppy mess. To make things even more dicey, they replaced the sod (turf) less than two weeks ago. Here’s my take: It will really come down to who can adjust best to the rainy, sloppy conditions and make the fewest mistakes in the process. The NCAA sure ‘screwed the pooch’ on this venue. Sadly, the biggest support base to turn out for either team will be their bands and cheerleading squads. Because it is on the other side of the country from their fan bases, it is outrageously expensive for travel there, lodging and meals, especially for families with young children in school. My point has been proven by the fact they have reduced the price of all tickets 50% because there are few takers, fans or locals! Having the game in Atlanta would have been a sellout!!!!! Unforgivable! The Tide will show Californians how the game is really meant to be played! I sincerely hope no players are seriously injured because of a nearly unplayable field! Roll Tide! #NCAA #NCAAscrewedthepooch

January 4, 2019

A Patriot’s Editorial: Division, Whining, Finding Fault, Half-Truths and Lying

We are about to welcome in a new year and with it comes, well, who knows what! One thing is certain, some things will not change and may in fact, become more pronounced. As a nation divided, there are numerous issues facing us and I question if any of them will change for the better in 2019. What I’m presenting is nothing new, but I feel compelled to address a few of the issues for posterity sake. Who knows, someone might put it in a ‘time capsule’ for a future generation to read and grimace, questioning how we could have allowed ourselves to get to this point. Read More »

December 28, 2018

A Patriot’s Editorial: The Battle to Secure the Border

The idea for the subject of an editorial usually comes to me when I least expect it. Sometimes it comes during a conversation with a friend or acquaintance, from something I see or hear from various sources and sometimes (more often than not) the thought just appears out of nowhere. As troubling as this topic is for our country and considering the relentless discussions and media coverage, today’s topic hit me like a bolt of lightning when I read a news banner on the bottom of the television screen. Daily, we hear/see the term ‘Battle to Secure the Border’ and have come to accept it to mean one thing, when in fact, the very essence of the subject means something quite the opposite (depending on the lens you are looking through).

Read More »

December 17, 2018

A Patriot’s Editorial: What if? No Borders, No Sovereignty and No Truth!

I’m back! After five very exciting months researching, compiling and preparing my family’s history, my work with it is done. And yes, it feels like there is a void in my life now that it has been published and distributed. The last thing on my mind going into this week was to write an editorial, but so much misinformation is being spewed regarding our border, protecting it and our sovereignty, my message is screaming to be put down in writing. Read More »

November 28, 2018

FCC Approves Net Neutrality in Straight Party-Line Vote

FCC Approves Net Neutrality in Straight Party-Line Vote


In what one Republican called a “monumental shift toward government control of the Internet,” the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday approved a proposal granting the federal government the authority to regulate Internet broadband providers under the same law as public utilities.

The five commissioners voted 3-2 along party lines in favor of the proposal known as net neutrality. The 332-page plan, which has not yet been publicly released, bans broadband providers from blocking, throttling or prioritizing certain Internet pages over others. The FCC has said the proposal will not seek to impose any new taxes or fees.

The three Democrats voiced their support of the measure while the two Republicans dissented. Democrats say they have the authority to impose the new regulations under under Title II of the Federal Communications Act of 1934.

In his remarks, Republican Commissioner Ajit Pai called the plan a “monumental shift toward government control of the Internet” and a “rapid departure” from market-oriented approaches.



February 26, 2015

Why Germany rejected Greece’s ‘Trojan horse’ offer

The battle of the leaked documents in Europe continues.

The Germans’ reasons for refusing to accept Greece’s offer Thursday has now been leaked.

The German letter says the Greek letter from this morning, offering a compromise, “represents a Trojan horse” which looks to end the current bailout program and acquire bridge financing (which is what the Greeks have been asking for all along).

The letter below is all about semantics. If you look at point two, the Germans are demanding very specific language. They want the Greeks to agree to call the deal an extension of the current program, which the Greeks have continued to maintain that they won’t do.



February 19, 2015

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