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Entertainers Should Stick to Entertaining!

Rick’s Editorial

Since my dad’s passing the first of August and then having to deal with Hurricane Florence, I took a couple of months off from writing.

So much has gone on in the news lately, it became utterly mind-cluttering, therefore, I just decided to let it all pass. Now that I’m rejuvenated, I’m ready to carry on.

In my opinion, what I am about to present was self-destructive and totally unnecessary.

Hollywood actors and actresses believe that ‘we the people’ watching their TV shows and pay to go see their movies, really care about their political opinions. That my friends, is the farthest thing from the truth. We don’t care! With everything we have to deal with in our daily lives, the last thing we are concerned about is what they think about anything political. They didn’t make their millions in the political arena and therefore, certainly are not authorities and their rants should not be believed or trusted. Yet, their like-minded fans cheer them on and continue to increase their wealth!

Then there’s the music industry. There are three distinct paths that are followed based on genre: rap, pop/rock and country western music. Some rappers produce music with the most politically vile and violent lyrics imaginable and they have become multi-millionaires as a result. The lyrics of pop/rock stars aren’t nearly as politically hateful or aggressive, but there are those that are very outspoken, especially at anti-anything rallies when they believe they can spew their hateful rhetoric in front of a camera. Madonna and Katy Perry lead the pack!

Country music is no different, most songs talk about drinking, love, romance or just about the daily struggles of those in mainstream America. Rarely does a country western singer step out and cross the line and go political. But on rare occasions it happens. Back in 2003, the Dixie Chicks spoke out harshly against President Bush while on stage performing in England. Oops, it was a huge mistake and a career ender for the all-female group. Attendance at their concerts plummeted, their CD sales crashed and tens of thousands of fans destroyed or threw away their CDs. As of today, they still have not been forgiven and welcomed back by the Country Music industry. Last week, there was another ‘oops’ moment by Taylor Swift. Upset with the result of the Judge Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court, she retaliated by announcing her support for a Democrat Senatorial candidate and against her sitting Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn, all because of the way she voted. The initial reaction was of joy by those on the left, but that euphoria some eroded. Voter registration in Tennessee immediately went up, some for Democrats, but the majority for Republicans (backfired). This morning, it was reported support for the Taylor Swift-led Country Music Awards hit an all-time low. https://www.thewrap.com/taylor-swift-amas-hit-new-all-time-low-ratings/#.W743pbJhgz4.twitter Oops! Only time will tell if her career suffers as badly as the Dixie Chicks.

It appears she should have focused on what she does best and left political activism to those paid by George Soros and the Democrats. The same as her movie and TV counterparts in Hollywood, people really don’t care about her political position or views. May be she should ask Lee Greenwood and Charlie Daniels for some pointers!

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