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Our Country Is Under Siege

The Patriot’s Editorial:

Today, marks one of the lowest points in this country’s history. I’m witnessing our Republic be replaced with ‘Absolutism’, our Congress reduced to a mere ravel and our Constitution systematically shredded. To many, a government shutdown doesn’t mean much. Life will go on as usual and they will experience little (if any) ill-affect by it. Much as was the case during the obama years. But for others and for various reasons, they will be impacted deeply. Why does it have to be this way and what good can be gained by it for us as individuals, a people and nation?

Last night, the U.S. Senate took America hostage and their ransom demand was to legalize all illegal aliens that broke our federal laws to enter this country and to ensure our borders are never ever secured. Those illegals are receiving tens of billions of dollars to live here (annually). Where did that money come from and who authorized it? It comes from hardworking American citizens by way of their tax dollars and the Congress who is holding us hostage authorized and funded it. What the government will not tell you is that if all illegals were legalized tomorrow, they would still receive taxpayer funding. Without a secure border and border enforcement, they will continue to come here illegally and in 5-10 years, we will go through this all over again…….most likely, with the same result!

Can the very ‘fabric’ of this country continue to withstand this degree of intense pressure and abuse? When it fully begins to shred, there will be nothing recognizable left.

I faithfully served this country for 24 years (United States Air Force) and never once asked ‘why me’ when I got the call to leave my family to go into harms way to do the tough task. To protect and defend was both an honor and a personal duty. For those of you that served or had a close family member or friend that did, you understand. For those not in that category, it would be difficult for you to ever understand.

God, family and country! All tied together with my personal honor and integrity. It’s the only way I know. I hope it’s enough!

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