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Everything You Need To Know About Why Net Neutrality Is A Terrible Idea


The topic of net neutrality is one of the hottest debated issues of the modern day, and for good reason. We all use the internet and thus have a natural tendency to weigh in on issues regarding its regulation.

The internet, however, is a complex hierarchical structure riddled with reams of vagaries. Without first understanding them, people shouldn’t attempt to propose legislation.

Unfortunately, from Congressmen to commentators to comedians, this is exactly what we’ve been seeing regarding net neutrality.


December 9, 2017

F.C.C. Plans Net Neutrality Repeal in a Victory for Telecoms

ReadThe Federal Communications Commission released a plan on Tuesday to dismantle landmark regulations that ensure equal access to the internet, clearing the way for internet service companies to charge users more to see certain content and to curb access to some websites.

The proposal, made by the F.C.C. chairman, Ajit Pai, is a sweeping repeal of rules put in place by the Obama administration. The rules prohibit high-speed internet service providers, or I.S.P.s, from stopping or slowing down the delivery of websites. They also prevent the companies from charging customers extra fees for high-quality streaming and other services.


December 7, 2017

Net-“Sue-Me”-Neutrality: Get Ready for the Spring Offensive

How we ended up here: The Book of Broken Promises: $400 Billion Broadband Scandal and Free the Net.”

First, congrats to those who helped to get the pendulum to swing back a bit from the anti-customer, ‘we’re the phone company’ position. We’ll see how long it lasts.

The count-down has started and by the end of next week, or once the entire Open Internet (Net Neutrality) rules are put out (we have only an outline as of this writing), you can expect a lawyers’ banquet, a feeding frenzy where they will file and file and file.

There were actually two items that were presented by the FCC:

On the municipality front — A group called the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, created ‘model legislation” to close down the rights of municipalitiesand they have led the charge and already got over 20 states to use this legislation. This legislation is penned by (and/or with the assistance of) the ALEC corporate members, which include AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner Cable, and then given to waiting state politicians, most of whom are funded and groomed by these companies, (or who also received foundation grant money to spend in their districts to make them look good).

And this is not new. I’ve been writing about this since at least 2007.

(As we pointed out, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai congratulated ALEC on its ‘model legislation’ at an event in 2013.)

We expect ‘law-suits-a-plenty’ in all state and federal jurisdictions. Remember, they have massive amounts of lobbying dollars, fake astroturf consumer groups, corporate-funded think-tanks — and a series of skunkworks (hidden) networks to coordinate these attacks, not to mention tens of thousands of anxiously awaiting lawyers, (their own and outside firms), all chomping at the bit for this race to begin.

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February 27, 2015

FCC Approves Net Neutrality in Straight Party-Line Vote

FCC Approves Net Neutrality in Straight Party-Line Vote


In what one Republican called a “monumental shift toward government control of the Internet,” the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday approved a proposal granting the federal government the authority to regulate Internet broadband providers under the same law as public utilities.

The five commissioners voted 3-2 along party lines in favor of the proposal known as net neutrality. The 332-page plan, which has not yet been publicly released, bans broadband providers from blocking, throttling or prioritizing certain Internet pages over others. The FCC has said the proposal will not seek to impose any new taxes or fees.

The three Democrats voiced their support of the measure while the two Republicans dissented. Democrats say they have the authority to impose the new regulations under under Title II of the Federal Communications Act of 1934.

In his remarks, Republican Commissioner Ajit Pai called the plan a “monumental shift toward government control of the Internet” and a “rapid departure” from market-oriented approaches.



February 26, 2015

F.C.C. Net Neutrality Rules Clear Hurdle as Republicans Concede to Obama


WASHINGTON — Senior Republicans conceded on Tuesday that the grueling fight with President Obama over the regulation of Internet service appears over, with the president and an army of Internet activists victorious.

The Federal Communications Commission is expected on Thursday to approve regulating Internet service like a public utility, prohibiting companies from paying for faster lanes on the Internet. While the two Democratic commissioners are negotiating over technical details, they are widely expected to side with the Democratic chairman, Tom Wheeler, against the two Republican commissioners.


February 25, 2015

Obama power grab triggers 1st Amendment nightmare

Obama power grab triggers 1st Amendment nightmare


Fox News Channel senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano says the Obama administration’s efforts to regulate the Internet constitute a major infringement upon freedom of speech, but he believes the new plan will get struck down in court for lack of transparency.

The five members of the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, are scheduled to vote Thursday on a plan to advance Obama’s net neutrality agenda, which also allegedly calls for the Internet to be treated like a utility. Despite the major changes the plan could well involve, lawmakers and the media have been rather quiet about it.

“People don’t know the danger that is coming,” Napolitano said. “The danger that is coming is a gaggle of bureaucrats here – three Democrats and two Republicans, the Republicans will probably dissent – claiming they have the power to regulate the Internet.”


February 25, 2015

From Internet to Obamanet


Critics of President Obama’s “net neutrality” plan call it ObamaCare for the Internet.

That’s unfair to ObamaCare.

Both ObamaCare and “Obamanet” submit huge industries to complex regulations. Their supporters say the new rules had to be passed before anyone could read them. But at least ObamaCare claimed it would solve long-standing problems. Obamanet promises to fix an Internet that isn’t broken.

The permissionless Internet, which allows anyone to introduce a website, app or device without government review, ends this week. On Thursday the three Democrats among the five commissioners on the Federal Communications Commission will vote to regulate the Internet under rules written for monopoly utilities.

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February 25, 2015


In the Wall Street Journal’s stunning expose of how political operatives at the White House overruled the FCC’s own experts to pave the way for this week’s upcoming vote to regulate the Internet, we learned that the key link between a small group of liberal tech executives and President Obama was David Karp, the president of Tumblr.  Specifically, the Journal reported:

In a lucky coincidence, Tumblr Chief Executive David Karp, who attended the meeting in New York, found himself seated next to Mr. Obama at a fundraiser the following day hosted by investment manager Deven Parekh.


Mr. Karp told Mr. Obama about his concerns with the net-neutrality plan backed by Mr. Wheeler, according to people familiar with the conversation. Those objections were relayed to the White House aides secretly working on an alternative.


So today’s CNBC interview where Karp was put on the spot to explain himself was absolutely stunning; his only example of a “problem” with the unregulated Internet was a single incident with Comcast blocking BitTorrent traffic back in 2007, a problem that could have been and successfully was addressed without any heavy-handed regulations.  And it only got uglier from there.  Watch the deer-in-headlights and boggle that this man is responsible for America now being on the brink of reducing the free-market Internet to a government-regulated public utility:

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February 25, 2015




Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) demanded yesterday that the Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler make public the details of the proposed net neutrality regulations that will regulate the Internet under the same rules as the old AT&T monopoly.

Chaffetz also asked the FCC Chair to appear and answer questions at the House Oversight hearing Wednesday, prior to the planned Agency vote on the draft rules now scheduled for Thursday.

The 332-page final draft FCC order was only delivered to the four other FCC commissioners three weeks ago. When Wheeler delivered the document, he took the unusual step of issuing a “gag order” to prevent its release before the FCC vote.

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February 24, 2015

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