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Toxic Male Masculinity! Is It Contagious?

The Patriot’s Editorial:

When I first heard about this a couple of months ago, I couldn’t believe my ears. It’s difficult to fathom the reality and seriousness of what I’ve been reading. The left is claiming Toxic Male Masculinity is a disease and must be eradicated with great haste. Wow, really? Do I have it?

What I learned: It is terribly contagious and every person has it (man or woman)! Oops, there’s that horrible, terribly offensive word: ‘MAN’. They contend, the word MAN refers specifically to adult males and omits women from our changing world where men are no longer dominant. They further believe, if something offends someone, you have to change it, even if you don’t know or never met them. Is it life-threatening, no, but the extremists want you to think so. In fact, they want the word(s) stricken from our lips, removed from names and written references.

Purdue University recently updated their ‘Online Writing Guide’ stating the use of the word MAN is offensive, oppressive and sexually denigrating along with numerous other insensitive sexist-related words. So, those brilliant scholars took their drivel to heart and struck the use of or reference to the word MAN from their campus and student writing. Here are just a few examples of words containing Man those on the left believe are offensive and oppressive:

Mankind: Can’t have that! MAN in the word has got to go and be replaced with alternatives such as: humankind (whoops, can’t use that, it has MAN in it), people-kind, fellow beings, person-kind, etc……….. It’s giving me headache!

Woman: Ut-oh, here’s a real no-no! It has MAN in it, so it is certainly being frowned on and is offensive to feminists. So, how do we refer to them? A person, being, Gender ‘#@‘? Who knows! It has gotten to the point, I’m even afraid to refer to them as ladies anymore. You have no idea who might be offended and will sue!

Human: So, what are we? What is our new designation to be? Guess they’ll get back to us on that one!

Mailman: We’ve had a mail lady delivering our mail for 21 years and on occasion we have referred to her as the mailman; a long accepted and established reference to anyone that delivers the mail. No more, that word is now taboo! In December when we address her Christmas card, I guess we’ll be expected to address it to: our postal person. Her name is Candace, but who knows, someone with that name may be offended because they don’t like the nickname ‘Candy’ that’s associated with it. We can’t go wrong with: Hey, you!

Man-made: Well gees, a dog certainly didn’t make it! What does that leave us with: creature-made, being-made, all-gender-made or made-object? Lunacy, pure lunacy!

Craftsman: Wow, now here’s a name loaded with testosterone and masculinity! Convincing those skilled people to change their hard-earned name (title) will go over like a ton of bricks (no pun intended). The argument is: craftsman and their associated trades are no longer male dominated and therefore, the word MAN must be stricken. My mind is spinning trying to imagine the possibilities for replacement names for the various trades that would be effected.

Then there’s Ombudsman: Defined: “an official appointed to investigate individuals’ complaints against maladministration, especially that of public authorities.” I wonder how many laws in Washington and across the country will have to be changed to get rid of MAN in that one?

The Bible and Torah: The words Man and Mankind appear in each book hundreds of times. According to Cliff Leitch, Christian Bible Reference Site, the word MAN appears in the King James Version of the Bible 2,615 times. The whackos and atheists certainly can’t have that! I foresee a group of loonies with more money than sense, hiring someone to do a revisionist word ‘search and replace’ to change the grossly offensive words to something more generically palatable. Maybe, those words were put in each book knowing these very days were coming!

Envision this five years from now: You are robbed while walking to your car in broad daylight. You call the police and when the policeMAN arrives, he/she says: Describe the perpetrator. It was a person. Cop: Was it a male or female? I don’t know the gender that person identifies with. Cop: Tell me about the person’s hair: It was long. Cop: Okay, what was the person wearing? Jeans and a shirt. See where this is going? It sounds absurd today, but with the indoctrination of our young in schools and whacko adults buying into it now, it may well become reality tomorrow.

‘Refinery 69’ (whoever they are and claim to be) says that young boys and men are physically and sexually aggressive ‘solely’ because of low self-esteem and the lack of male role models at home. They further state, growing up to be a typical boy with masculine traits leads to violent behavior as they get older. What does that mean? Any boy that doesn’t grow up to be a soft-handed wussy will suffer Toxic Male Masculinity and become a threat to society?

Years ago, it would have been unthinkable to suggest a man claiming to identify as a woman would be legally allowed to use women’s public restrooms in this country, but low and behold, it happened. The same with allowing thousands of babies to be killed after live birth via deliberate partial-birth abortions, just to harvest and sell their vital organs (hearts and brains). Our once moral society is slipping into a very dark abyss on a daily basis. Dictionaries are changing with the times, but that doesn’t necessarily mean society has to. The best analogy I can think of: pulling the plug in a filled bathtub. Once the water’s gone, there’s no getting it back! The same applies to the absurdities we are dealing with and the morality of our society!

Will I continue to use the words Man and Mankind? Absolutely. If it offends someone and they lash out at me because of it, I will simply shake my head in despair and laugh as I walk away. The absurdities we keep seeing are coming from a very small fringe group (<1% of the population) that have nothing more to do than come up with this ridiculous horse hockey!

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